Questions and Answers

Ok really, what is this?

Let’s Go Co. is a box of activities and materials designed specifically for ages 2-4 by a Speech Pathologist. The box is mailed to you prior to the start date listed on our website. Your job is to open the box, read the cards and instructions included, and use the materials and supplies in the box to interact with your child. That’s it! No researching curriculums, late night craft prep sessions, or hours perusing Amazon shopping lists or Spotify playlists to figure out what you need. Let’s Go Co.’s whole goal is to eliminate the barriers that get in the way of having fun and growing! Parenting littles is hard, let us help you have a great week!

What ages does this work best for?

The activities were designed for ages 2 - 4. But, if your child is 20 months old and can follow one-step directions (example: Get your milk.) or two-step directions (example: Get your milk then follow me to the kitchen), then they will most likely have a great time with the activities inside the box. Keep in mind, the activities are meant to be completed together - we don’t recommend sitting your child down with a gluestick and pre-cut shapes before walking away and expecting them to not end up with glue in their hair.

How much time does it take to do the activities?

Each box contains 4 crafts and 5 activity ideas. PLAY card activities can be completed in 10-30 minutes of time and MAKE cards can be completed in 15-30 minutes of time. Feel free to stretch any activity out longer or cut it shorter if it’s not working for you or your child. The goal is to sprinkle fun moments in throughout your day. Don’t get hung up on a schedule or a timeline that doesn’t work for you. We really want you to be able to say “Let’s Go …” and then just jump right in!

Do I need any special materials outside of what is in the box?

It’s recommended that you have something that reads a QR code to find the videos we link to on the cards and some basic things like transparent tape, a pencil/pen, and sometimes water. THAT’S IT. Everything else is in the box!

Is a Let's Go Co. box just a 'busy box'?

No. Let’s Go Co. is designed to give you opportunities to have positive and fun interactions with your child. The activities recommended in the box are modeled after language enrichment activities, which require adult direction and supervision. So while you do need to be present and involved in each activity, the activities are meant to be woven into your day. One 15 minute chunk of time is all that is “required” for any activity or craft but really if it takes 5 minutes, great! Or If you’re having a great time and want to keep painting for an hour and a half, also great!

What happens if the box I want is sold out?

Currently, Let’s Go Co. is operating at a limited capacity. We only have a certain quantity of materials and supplies to create each box. We sincerely apologize if the box that you were hoping to snag is sold out. But don’t worry, we are adding new fun and exciting weeks all the time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to learn about new box postings!

Wait, so is this good for my parent brain too?

Yes! Research shows that when we step out of our comfort zone and change up our habits that it releases endorphins and makes us feel invigorated! We also know from cognitive research that it’s really hard to break out of our routine, so we really wanted to find a solution to help get rid of the things that block us from having these great experiences with our kids. So let’s go open up a box and instill some excitement into your week too!