I’m Susan and I’m the person that is yelling Let’s Go and using a gratuitous amount of exclamation points all over this page! 

I started Let’s Go Co. because, as a Speech Language Pathologist I really believe that our children’s language development is something to be prioritized. You can feel confident that every box is chock-full of opportunities to stimulate healthy language development in a way that is fun and stimulating for your preschooler. On the flip side of that coin, and because of my professional background, I also feel strongly that a parent’s brain health is just as important. 


Prior to Let’s Go Co. I worked at the University of Texas at Dallas’ Brain Performance Institute for 4 years. There, I helped people take charge of their brain health and teach them how to use strategies to improve their cognition (i.e. Those skills that we use for problem solving and creative thinking.) I took a step back from my professional career at the Brain Performance Institute in the beginning of 2020 after the birth of my second child to focus on being a stay at home mom. But I kept coming back to this idea that giving parents the tools they need to create opportunities to stimulate their children’s brains and development is great for the kids AND great for the parents.

Because I’m a mom, I know how easy it is to let the ‘stuff’ get in the way of creating opportunities to have fun with my kids. Stuff like laundry, and jobs, and groceries, and spouses (also ha! I have one spouse), and so many other things that are important.

I also know that when I do make the time and effort to do the craft or activity, the pay off is huge for my kids but I feel just as invigorated! Every parent knows that it feels good to be creative and know we are making a difference in our child’s day-to-day. Let’s Go Co. is all about helping you make that happen.

I'm your sidekick. You're my hero! Let's find a way to do the fun things - the things that matter - with your preschoolers but without having to put your other responsibilities on the back burner. We all could use a reminder that we CAN find excitement and adventure hidden within our everyday.

I hope you will join me on our weekly adventures! 

Let's GO!