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Let's Go!

The Antidote to Monotony

Let’s Go Co. is a weekly resource, designed to help parents win the weekly battle of boredom. Toddlers and preschoolers are tough clients! Short attention spans, low language skills, and dependent on caregivers for entertainment and direction. This can be overwhelming, understandably so! And so we give in and turn on the TV again, or hand them the iPad, and feel too far deep in the rut to ever get out. 


A Let’s Go Co. box can help pull you out of that rut! Open up a box and infuse some excitement and novelty into your week. 


What's Inside?

Each Let’s Go Co. box is filled with everything you need to facilitate fun activities and assemble crafts - no need to spend hours and brainpower researching and prepping, both of which can be in short supply when chasing around littles! Each activity inside your box is carefully designed by a Speech Language Pathologist to be stimulating and adaptable to your child and their skill level. You know your child and your schedule best - Let’s Go Co. is designed to complement, not commandeer your life. 


Visit our shop page to find out what themes are coming up to reserve your brain-enriching box now!

What People Are Saying

Let's Go Co. is such a game changer for engaging in fun learning with your child! As a mom, I want to pull together exciting activities and learning opportunities but often lack the creativity and time. The Let’s Go Co. box comes ready with everything you need for a week of creative activities - it’s well-thought out, approachable, flexible and FUN. My very busy 3-year-old son has been fully engaged in the activities and is excited to see what’s next each time. I love that each box has a theme a we finish the week feeling like we’ve really dug in and learned more. It’s been helping our family have more meaningful play and connected conversations. What a gift!

Sarah A.

Let's Go Co. boxes take you and your child on a fun adventure exploring a new place each week through crafts, play and fun! The activities are easy to incorporate into your day and have taught me to see the teachable moments all around me! It has been such a fun way to learn, explore and create with my daughter! Highly recommend!!

Lauren M.

My 2 year daughter has really enjoyed our fun weekly Let's Go Co. box! As a mom who's expecting another baby in a few months, Let's Go Co. has taken the planning and prepping off my plate, yet provided a fun, thought-out learning experience for us to spend time together doing each day. I recommend this product to all of my toddler momma friends!

Let’s Go Co. is AWESOME for grandmothers too!

My granddaughter comes to my house every Thursday. Last week, she brought her activity for the day. She also had a card for the day that had a code on it that we scanned and brought up a fun video to teach us a new song. We even made up a dance together! We had a super fun day! I highly recommend Let’s Go Co. for parents AND grandparents of toddlers.

Mallory B.

Gayle R.

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